Tips to Transform your Relationship in this New Year 2016.

Deepening, Transforming, and Building your relationship is a gentle process it needs consistent effort and time.

Here are 2 POWERFULL TIPS to take your relationships to new heights this New Year 2016.

Tip #1: Stop the BLAME Game: The simple reason why we play blame game is because at an unconscious level and sometimes consciously also we want to a avoid responsibility.  We learned this game in childhood now it has become a HABIT, a habit which is very hard to let go. In a way, it has become your defense mechanism.

  1. It’s not my fault.
  2. l am helpless its superiors order.
  3. You should have checked with me before, now you pay for it.
  4. It was your idea, I am not responsible for it now.

These are some classic examples. This new year make a resolution that I am responsible for my actions and my life. The moment you take responsibility of your life you will see the magic taking place.  People will start appreciating you more in your personal and professional life.

Tip# 2: LISTEN, LISTEN, and LISTEN: This is your new year Mantra for deepening your relationships. As a habit, we are always ready to reply before the other person finishes his sentence. More often we are in reacting mode then listening mode. We are not focused, our hundred percent attention is not there.

So this new year make it a habit to be 100% present while listening. You can do this with your 4 years daughter or your boss in the office. When I say 100% presence I mean listen to that person non-judgementally, let your listening be unconditional. Listen to the FEELINGS  and NEEDS  of the other person, and then reflect back to the person what you heard, this will help create more clarity and understanding in the relationship and develop deeper bonding and trust.

In a nut shell:

  1. Stay away from BLAME GAME.
  2. BE 100% PRESENT while listening.
  4. Listen to the FEELINGS and NEEDS.
  5. REFLECT BACK what you heard.

About the Author Aniruddha

Aniruddha is an MBA graduate and Internationally Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication (USA) and a Mindfulness Coach. His Mission is to help people to 'Transform their Personal & Professional Life'.

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