You Can Now Do High School Musical HIIT Dance Workouts At Home

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Written byEric Blair
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Bored of the same old home workout with the same old playlist? Feeling like you could do with injecting a little of that High School Musical energy into your day?

Well, it turns out that could be way easier than you think, as there’s now a HIIT workout offering you the chance to get toned while having an absolute blast at the same time!

Really easy to follow, the 12-13 minute routines are the work of personal trainer and fitness YouTuber Emily Thorne, or ‘emkfit' to her followers.

Featuring music from all three movies, Emily uses just a few different moves and says that as long as you're sweating, moving and dancing, you’re doing it right!


"I don't care if you're the most un-coordinated person on the planet, anyone can do these workout!" explained Emily. “No planks, no burpees, we're dancing our butts off and looking like idiots.”

Each workout begins with a warm up, followed by a couple of HIIT moves per HSM track and there's a part one and part two, so if you’ve still got some energy you can keep going for longer! 

There are also loads of other themed workouts including One Direction, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Destiny's Child as well as our personal favourite - the Mamma Mia workout!

This one begins with warm up exercises to Lay All Your Love On Me and moves on to other bangers like Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, Take A Chance on Me and, of course, Dancing Queen.

The routine gives a full-body workout, combining an upper body workout with side-lunges, squats and all manner of exercises to help keep you in shape. 

If you fancy checking out more of Emily's workout routines, head to her YouTube channel where you’ll see that her subscribers are a bit obsessed with her routines!

One person wrote: “Thank you Emily for making working out something I look forward to and plan my week around!” Another added: "I just finished it and I am dripping with sweat and happiness!”

"I don't know about anyone else,” said someone else. “But when I am tired I pretend I am auditioning for Disney and get so much more energy to keep going! Fake it until you make it FOREVER."

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