This Trick Saves You Over £130 On Your Boots Shopping

The amount I spend there, I really need this!

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There's no getting away from the fact that cosmetics shopping is EXPENSIVE!

From razors and hair products to moisturisers, night creams, serums, bio oil, foundation, period products and more, the list of stuff you need to keep in stock could literally go on forever!

Well, what if we told you that you could save over £130* a year on your Boots shopping with TOTUM - that's easily enough to treat yourself to some new festive fits when Christmas rolls round!

Now, there's a few stages to this so bear with us while we explain...

Step 1 - Join TOTUM


First up, you'll need to become a TOTUM member, which if you're a student, apprentice, professional learner or member of certain professional bodies including trade unions you can do here.

Just pick the right membership for you and we'll do the rest!

Once you've joined you can link your TOTUM membership to your Boots Advantage Card (you'll need to have signed up for one of these) and you'll get 10% discount every time you shop at Boots, no questions asked!

Step 2 - Join TOTUM Cashback

Once you've got your TOTUM membership, the nest step is to sign up for the brand new TOTUM Cashback.

Our first-of-its-kind fully virtual pre-pay cashback card, TOTUM Cashback earns you money back when you shop both in-store and online at over 80 big-name brands including the likes of Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer, Primark, Asda, B&Q, Argos, Waterstones and - you guessed it - Boots!

You can see the full list of TOTUM Cashback brands here.

With TOTUM Cashback you'll get 6% cash back every time you shop at Boots, so when you add that 6% to the 10% discount you've already got you can see how it's starting to add up...

How does TOTUM Cashback work?


Step 3 - Earn Boots Advantage points

From May 2023 the number of points earned when you spend reduced to 3 per £1 (previously it was 4), meaning using your Advantage Card gives you 3p back on a pound (the equivalent of 3%) which is actually higher than both Nectar and Clubcard!

How do you earn Boots Advantage Points?

  • Spend £1 get 3 points = 3p

  • Spend £10 get 30 points = 30p

  • Spend £50 get 150 points = £1.50

  • Spend £100 get 300 points = £3

What are Boots Advantage points worth?


It’s actually pretty simple; each point you earn is worth 1p. So you need 100 points to have £1 and so on. Here’s a quick look at some valuations:

  • 1 Advantage point = 1p

  • 100 Advantage points = £1

  • 500 Advantage points = £5

  • 1,000 Advantage points = £10

  • 5,000 Advantage points = £50

Time for some maths...

So in case you're wondering how we arrive at that figure of saving over £130, here's how we got there...

After asking a whole host of people how much they reckon they spend at Boots, it averaged out at about £60 a month, so:

  1. Spend £60 a month at Boots x 12 months = £720

  2. £720 minus 10% TOTUM discount (£72) = £648 (£72 saved)

  3. £648 minus 6% TOTUM Cashback (£38.88) = £609.12 (£110.88 saved)

  4. £648 spent = £19.44 in Advantage Card Points = £589.68 (£130.32 saved)

So there you have it - sign up for TOTUM and TOTUM Cashback today and you'll be quids in!

Don't forget....

Make sure to keep an eye out for any short-term boosted discount at Boots for TOTUM members, it's been known to go as high as 20%...

To make sure you're in the loop for all of the latest discounts and deals download the TOTUM App:

* Based on an average monthly spend of £60 at Boots for one year.

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